Project: How-to Guides

1. What am I good at doing?

Think about all of the different skills you used when doing your investigation and analyzing your data. What could you help someone else do?

    Take close-up photos of berries
    Identify crab species
    Throw the weed weasel wicked far
    Make a graph....

2. What are my steps?

Write out the steps for how you do something (like writing a recipe).

    1. Put your plant on a white or solid color background
    2. Push the macro button on your camera - it usually looks like a flower
    3. ....

3. What kind of How-To Guide should I make?

Decide how you want to share your steps. Will you write them, speak them, tell a story, or show them with video or images? To help you decide, check out some examples:


    Video Guides

    Be the stars as you give the community fieldwork tips.
    DUCK! Equipment for VS freshwater investigations
    Vital Signs Tools of the Trade


    Paper Guides

    Illustrate your written guide with photos, drawings, and screenshots.
    How do I find things on the map?
    Aaah! We lost our data! Nope. No you didn't.


    Screen Capture Guides

    Show the community how to make a cool project using the latest programs on your computer.
    How students put their data on the website


    Comic Life Guides

    Use Comic Life to build a comic book series of How-To Guides.
    How do I find things on the map?

4. Write it, draw it, film it!

5. Test it

This is really important. Before you post your Guide, make sure it is ready:

  1. When you read or watch your guide, are the steps clear?
  2. Test them! Ask a friend to follow the steps.
  3. Where does he or she get stuck? Why?
  4. Can you re-write steps, or add clarifying video or images?
  5. Edit, and test it one more time. No one likes confusing instructions.

5. Share it

You've made an awesome and helpful How-To Guide. Now you're ready to share it.

  1. Go to the Project Bank
  2. Select Post my project
  3. Upload your document or paste a link to your video
  4. Go to your My Vital Signs page to see your growing list of projects!

Select How-To Guides will be added to Best Projects and How-to Guides
Thanks for sharing your expertise!