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  • Public Service Announcements

    Be a director.

    Make videos that motivate!

    Create a quick 30-sec video to raise awareness of an invasive species, protect a native species or habitat, motivate others to look for species....

    Make a PSA

    Visual Communication

    Be a graphic designer.

    Make images that inspire!

    Create a poster, flyer, or visual call to action! What is your message? Learn from the best and use a design process to make a masterpiece...

    Start designing


    Species Cards

    Be a species expert.

    Help others learn about and identify a plant or animal!

    Use your own photos, species research, and ID skills to build a card from scratch or update an existing one.

    Build an ID card


    Blog Posts

    Be a writer.

    Post to the VS Blog!

    Write about your VS experience. Share details about your fieldwork, online and in-person conversations with the community, data crunching, plans for action, ....

    Blog it


    How-to Guides

    Be a mentor.

    Share what you know how to do!

    Use video, photos, screen capture tools, or paper and pen to show us how to identify a species, do a transect study, use the map, build a weed weasel,....

    Create a How-To


    Comic Life

    Be funny.

    Mix science with humor to tell a story!

    Mash up science, humor, sketches, and photos to tell us about the native or invasive species you're most interested in.

    Craft a Comic


    Scratch Program

    Be a programmer.

    Make interactive games!

    Use this easy to learn programming language to develop interactive games, animations, and stories that share what you've learned.

    Program a Game


    Show Change Over Time

    Make movies!

    Tell the story of how a species or place changes.

    Use movies or interactive timelines to show how invasive species populations are changing over time. Use these tools to explain your predictions for the future!

    Make a movie


    Field Missions

    Be a scientist.

    What are you curious about?

    Tell us about your Mission and how we can help collect the data you need! What's your question? What species should we look for? Where should we look?

    Build your Mission

  • I'm ready to post my project! Project Bank
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