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Analysis resources Tutorial/ Template CODAP Challenge cards These cards will help students teach themselves how to use the Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) to analyze large datasets. Here are suggested steps for using the cards: Cut out each row of the Round 1 Challenge Cards. Do NOT cut down the center line between the two columns. Fold each row in half so that the challenge is on one side and the hint is on the other. Place the “Haven’t tried it/I’m stuck/”I did it” paper in the middle of your team where everyone can reach it. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2019-01-25
Learning activities Scientific inquiry Scientific Conclusions Building Stations Students will pull together what they know and their analysis of the data they gathered to develop full scientific conclusions, accounting for uncertainty and forming ideas for possible next steps. Conduct this lesson after students have graphed and analyzed data from an investigation. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-09-14
Learning activities Invasive species Explore the Vital Signs Crab Dataset Students will explore Vital Signs crab data from 2003 to 2017 to investigate changing populations of native and invasive crabs over time and space. Use part I to get accustomed to the online tools, part 2 to practice using the data to answer questions, and part 3 to engage with the question "How do the populations of green crabs, Asian share crabs, and native crabs compare up and down the coast of New England?" Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-09-14
Learning activities Constancy & change Explore Climate Data- Winter Minimum Temperatures in the Gulf of Maine Students will look closely at multiple visualizations of the same dataset to develop an understanding of changing temperatures in the Gulf of Maine. Students will draw on their observations of the data to form predictions about future winter temperatures. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-09-14
Learning activities Scientific inquiry Introducing a Vital Signs Mission Use this short lesson to introduce students to a Vital Signs mission. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-09-14
Learning activities Scientific inquiry Collaborative Conclusions Use this lesson to support students in drawing scientific conclusions based on a class investigation (not recommended for students conducting independent investigations). Students should already have collected and analyzed data in preparation for this activity. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-09-05
Learning activities Scientific inquiry Analyze Vital Signs Data This lesson guides students through careful examination of their data from single data point progressing to a class dataset. Adapt this lesson to fit most data investigations. Resources include a lesson plan for 1 to 2 class periods and student handouts. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-09-04
Learning activities Biodiversity, Invasive species Purple loosestrife and biodiversity mini-investigation with existing data Students will collect print outs of existing data from along a mock transect inside the school building. They will compare results, first in this small dataset organized in graphs created by hand and then in a large online database, to determine whether purple loosestrife has an impact on biodiversity in this mock investigation. Use this sequence as a stand-alone lesson in data analysis or as preparation for collecting data on purple loosestrife out in the field. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-08-27
Units of study Biodiversity, Invasive species Japanese knotweed and bug biodiversity data investigation Does Japanese knotweed have an affect on bug populations? There is not a lot of existing data to say. Be among the first to investigate this question with your students. This full unit, originally developed for a week-long middle school summer STEM program and now adapted for the classroom, includes 8 to 12 days of lesson plans, student notebook, and flexible final project rubric. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-08-27
Learning activities Scientific inquiry Research Jigsaw Students work in teams to gather background information that will provide context for an investigation and inform predictions. Middle school (grades 6-8) gmri 0 2018-08-24