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Invasive species

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Learning activities Biodiversity, Ecosystem health, Ecosystems, Invasive species, Scientific inquiry Biodiversity Jenga Engage students with the concept of biodiversity with this hands-on modeling activity, inspired by Bill Nye. Students remove native species from an ecosystem, and add non-native or invasive species. They analyze the data collected through the activity to provide evidence for how these actions may ultimately compromise the health and stability of an ecosystem and show the importance of maintaining healthy, diverse ecosystems. Middle school (grades 6-8) vitalteach 0 2009-11-04
Learning activities Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Invasive species There's a New Bird in Town Students experience how an invasive species may out-compete native species for vital resources. This high stakes, high energy game simulates the introduction of non-native and invasive species using MnMs and various kitchen drawer items. Students experience firsthand what happens and what if feels like when native and invasive species compete for essential resources. This is also an excellent activity for introducing concepts such as habitats, limiting resources, physical adaptations, and competition among species. Middle school (grades 6-8) vitalteach 2 2009-11-04
Learning activities Ecosystem health, Ecosystems, Invasive species Aquatic Ecosystem Research Project Students choose a body of water (preferably in Maine) to research. They focus their research on three questions: 1) What are important features of the body of water? 2) What is some data on invasive species or water quality from your ecosystem? 3) A question of student choice Middle school (grades 6-8) chotaling 0 2009-11-05
Learning activities Biodiversity, Ecosystem health, Invasive species The Green Book by Jill Paton Walsh Go green! This is a great science fiction novel to use with 7th and 8th grade students to get them thinking about taking care of our planet and what might happen if we don't. Discussions of evolution, adaptations, biodiversity, characteristics and needs of living organisms and much more will be sparked but this thought provoking novel. (69 pages) Middle school (grades 6-8) slittlefield 0 2009-11-05
Learning activities Biodiversity, Ecosystem health, Invasive species Ratatouille and Your Friend The Rat Disney and the invasive species connection. Four-By-Rat activity. This is an adaptation of the quick write / quick draw activity. Middle school (grades 6-8) slittlefield 1 2009-11-05
Learning activities Biodiversity, Invasive species Comic Life Invasive Species Research Maine invasive species and let your students use their new learnings to create comics. Middle school (grades 6-8) slittlefield 1 2009-11-05
Learning activities, Field work resources Invasive species, Scientific inquiry Use your Senses! Get your students thinking with their five senses so they are raring and ready to give good field notes. Middle school (grades 6-8) dallen 1 2009-11-05
Units of study, Learning activities Biodiversity, Invasive species, Scientific inquiry Invasive Species Impacts on Biodiversity in a Maine Watershed How diverse is my local ecosystem? Students compare local biodiversity counts to those in other areas of their watershed. Middle school (grades 6-8) vitalteach 1 2010-02-11
Analysis resources Invasive species Maine Invasive Aquatic Plants - known infestations March 2010 This Google Earth layer was created to pin point the water bodies in Maine with known infestations of an aquatic invasive plant species. The exact location of the plants within a given waterbody is not identified in this layer. This layer can be used for analysis of vectors, and offers a March 2010 snapshot for time series analysis of the spread of aquatic invasive species going forward. This layer is based on source data publicly provided by the Maine DEP Bureau of Land and Water Quality, originally provided in pdf format on the DEPs website.
Middle school (grades 6-8)
High school (grades 9-12)
Professional development
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Analysis resources Ecosystems, Invasive species, Scientific inquiry Maine Watersheds Map Layer This map contains boundary files for 17 Maine watersheds.
Middle school (grades 6-8)
High school (grades 9-12)
Professional development
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