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Tutorials Tutorial/ Template How to get notified when cool stuff happens Anyone with a username can get notified by email when stuff happens on the Vital Signs site. Here's how it works for teachers like Larry. (Note that the steps are the same for those of you with citizen scientist and student accounts! Go on, get notified!) Download the guide below under Documents or click on the video to watch. Professional development Anonymous 0 2010-12-01
Learning activities Ecosystem health, Ecosystems, Invasive species Nesting Bird Game This is a fun game where participants explore habitat and nesting bird sites with regard to invasive species. Specifically, it addresses the competition between native birds and invasive bird species when it comes to habitat resources and predators. Middle school (grades 6-8) ashdog 2 2011-04-16
Units of study Biodiversity, Invasive species Invasive Invertebrates Where are they? Where aren't they? Eight day starter plan for high school biodiversity and invasive species. High school (grades 9-12) Breakfast Club 1 2012-04-07
Learning activities Invasive species Student Flyers Examples Three examples of student flyers that were part of a combined project to raise community awareness about invasive species and their effect on the environment. You can easily build your own rubrics depending on your focus. Criteria could include content, mechanics, accuracy, layout & design, citations, creativity, user friendly, group cooperation, or other criteria important to you. Middle school (grades 6-8) Breakfast Club 1 2015-07-27
Learning activities Invasive species Invasive passage, Main Idea/Supporting details This is a quick formative assessment that I'm doing with students that has two objectives: Introducing the concepts and vocabulary of invasive species, and getting a sense of how well they can pull the main idea and supporting details from a passage. Middle school (grades 6-8) brilea 0 2010-10-15
Learning activities, Analysis resources Invasive species Oh Deer! (or Oh Bluebird!) outline/data collection template Teacher short notes for Oh Deer activity. Data collection template for Oh Deer activity. Middle school (grades 6-8) brownz.ppsd 0 2010-12-04
Field work resources Scientific inquiry, Tutorial/ Template Group Roles A half-sheet handout specifying group roles to help remind students of what must be done when they leave the classroom. Middle school (grades 6-8) brownz.ppsd 0 2010-12-04
Learning activities, Analysis resources Constancy & change, Invasive species Mystery Graph and Oh Deer followup This is the ppt presentation I used to outline my ideas after I played Oh Deer (we called it Oh Bluebird!) with my students. We started class with video highlights from the game we had played last class. Then we discussed the contents of the slideshow slowly - taking breaks on data slides for students to graph the information on mini whiteboards. I walked around directing struggling students how graph it. We ended with discussion on invasive species and the time lapse video of knotweed growth. Middle school (grades 6-8) brownz.ppsd 1 2010-12-04
Learning activities Ecosystem health, Ecosystems, Invasive species Aquatic Ecosystem Research Project Students choose a body of water (preferably in Maine) to research. They focus their research on three questions: 1) What are important features of the body of water? 2) What is some data on invasive species or water quality from your ecosystem? 3) A question of student choice Middle school (grades 6-8) chotaling 0 2009-11-05
Learning activities, Instructional models Scientific inquiry Talk Moves Card Game Use talk moves cards to scaffold productive talk and argument. Middle school (grades 6-8) christinev 1 2011-08-26