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Dasysiphonia japonica
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Field Notes
On about Christmas day, my next door neighbor, Gary Sredzienski - known as "The Creekman" - reported seeing considerable amounts of an orange-red plant over a wide area in Spruce Creek. He swims in Spruce Creek (and other spots in the region) at least 300 days per year. He reported never seeing this phenomenon before. I got him to bring in a specimen, which he did, and which appears to be Heterosiphonia japonica: heavily corticated main branches, 4-pericentral cells forming secondary branches, single-cell ultimate branches with no "lobster-claw" tips. It appears to match on-line photos of the species (and not other local Rhodomelaceae).
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
microscope photos taken at Wells NERR. Sample may have been bleached by sun/preservative.
Photo of my evidence.
attempt at close up. Sample may have been bleached by sun/preservative
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I think I found it
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Dasysiphonia japonica
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Just looking around
Photo of our sampling method.
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N 43.092427 °
W -70.720410 °
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A photo of our study site.
Coastal - Mudflat
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Spruce Creek, Kittery, ME
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Fri, 2017-01-06 09:22
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Species Survey
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Fri, 2017-01-06 10:54


What about the cells? Did you put it under a microscope? and if so look at the tips and see if you find single cells. Thanks :)