Invasive SpeciesMorrow's honeysuckle

Lonicera morrowii
FOUND by 2018ccx
Falmouth Maine
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Field Notes
To find invasive species we could walk around the island on a dirt path. There were 6 other groups looking for Asian Bittersweet, Giant Knotweed, Japanese Barberry, Morrow’s Honeysuckle, Glossy Buckthorn, Multiflora Rose, and Phragmites along with my group. On the day we went, October 4th, it was cloudy and it had started to get colder with a cool breeze coming through ever so often. The island is used frequently so there is a chance that the plants at the edge of the trail had been impacted by humans. Besides the trail, there is a lot of vegetation including big trees and small shrubs. We were on the island looking for invasive plants from roughly 12:00 to 1:30 pm. I found the plant I was looking for, Morrow’s Honeysuckle, at N 43.7052, W -70.2407. While most people found the invasive species they were looking for almost immediately, it took me a while before I found one lone plant which was Morrow’s Honeysuckle. There was only one plant so the plant could be quickly cut out to stop the spread immediately. All of the members in my group found the invasive species they were looking for which shows that the island needs to make more of an effort to prevent invasive species from growing. Although my plant, Morrow’s Honeysuckle, can be easily dealt with, some of the plants such as Asian Bittersweet and Giant Knotweed was so plentiful that it can be spotted immediately.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
This is Morrow’s Honeysuckle. One indicator that this is Morrow’s Honeysuckle is the blue-green oval leaves that are arranged in a compound form. Additionally, the bottom of the leaves were hairy.
Photo of my evidence.
The stems of this plant are tan and branching as they should be on Morrow’s Honeysuckle. Although this plant could be a native honeysuckle, the stem is hollow which shows this is Morrow’s Honeysuckle.
Photo of my evidence.
Additionally, this plant has branches that spread out wide from the stem. This plant was also smaller than 2.5 meters so it is Morrow’s Honeysuckle.
Species Observation: Species Looked For
Did you find it?: 
I think I found it
Scientific name:
Lonicera morrowii
Common name:
Morrow's honeysuckle
Sampling method: 
Just looking around
Photo of our sampling method.
Place Studied
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Map this species
N 43.705200 °
W -70.240700 °
Observation Site Information
A photo of our study site.
Upland - Forest
Trip Information
2018 Mackworth Upland
Trip date: 
Thu, 2018-10-04 15:06
Town or city: 
Falmouth Maine
Type of investigation: 
Species Survey


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