Invasive SpeciesEuropean naiad

Najas minor
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Field Notes
Sunny day with light wind (about 75F). Nearby a major roadway with moving traffic and light foot traffic. Lots of wildlife- birds, frogs, turtle, dragonflies, and fish. Some litter in the pond as well. Pond has two docks, but no boat landing. Edge of pond has natural vegetation; however, areas around the buffer zone are mowed.
A sketch of our study site.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
This plant did not have thin branches and leaves. There was no square leaf base. Our plant stem was more robust than European Naiad
Photo of my evidence.
The leaves were not jagged and they are spiral in nature. There are not a bunch of branches at the top like the European Naiad exhibits.
Species Observation: Species Looked For
Did you find it?: 
I think I did not find it
Scientific name:
Najas minor
Common name:
European naiad
Sampling method: 
Weed weasel
Photo of our sampling method.
Place Studied
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Map this species
N 44.565140 °
W -69.664590 °
Observation Site Information
A photo of our study site.
Freshwater - In a pond or lake
Trip Information
Johnson Pond
Trip date: 
Fri, 2017-07-28 11:30
Town or city: 
Type of investigation: 
Species and Habitat Survey
Lower Kennebec
MIDAS Code: 
Habitat Observations
Species diversity: 
Evidence of vectors: 
Paved road
Walking trail
Recent disturbance
Water temperature: 
Dissolved oxygen: 


This looks like a beautiful spot! It's hard to take photos of aquatic plants, and I think you did a good job.


Great work! I am happy that you didn't find the invasive European naiad.