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Picea spp.
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Field Notes
We are writing about the Black Spruce. The latin name for Black spruce is Picea Mariana. This species is 20 meters tall,it's needles are 2 center meters long with stiff bunt tips and four sided. The needles color are dark blueish green. Bark is ruff, thin grayish brown or red in color. I am happy because it was snowing in the environment. We used the camera to take pictures of what we found but we did not find what we wound but we found something similar to it.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
We did not find the black spruce because there was no 2 cm long needles and the tree was not 20 meter hight.
Photo of my evidence.
We found the bark of the black spruce but it was not the right color. On this tree we found the bark was thicker and peeling off easier.
Photo of my evidence.
The needles on this tree were longer,thinner,and smooth. The black spruce has shorter 2cm long needles. They are also blunt and a different color.
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I think I did not find it
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Picea spp.
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Photo of our sampling method.
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N 44.022341 °
W -70.964901 °
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Upland - Developed areas
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MOMS School Yard (Powerline Rd)
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Tue, 2016-11-29 08:26
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Species Survey
Lower Androscoggin


This tree is a pine of some sort. If it has 5 needles in clusters then it's White Pine. If there are 2 needles per cluster then it's Red Pine, and if it has 3 needles per cluster it's Pitch Pine.

Great observation! It was detailed and very good. the only thing I would say is how did you know the tree was not 20 meters in height?

Because we estemation.

An estemation is not always good enough. :)

I think you did a good job and you should keep doing this and good job!!!!

you are correct i do not think that you found a black spruce but you do have great pictures

thank yo.

I agree