Native SpeciesWhite pine

Pinus strobus
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Field Notes
Great day to be outside in the forest. A perfect example of a cool, cloudy, rainy Maine spring day. We have the forest to ourselves today. Our group took a 15m transect. We sampled 6m strings every meter. We were meter #2. Abundance of white pine is zero. We did find at least one small balsam fir along our transect.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
We did not find evidence of the white pine along our transect. There were several dead trees and a few firs, but no pines. None of the trees on our transect had needles that were the right length and shape for any kind of pine tree.
Photo of my evidence.
Photo of my evidence.
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I think I did not find it
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Pinus strobus
Common name:
White pine
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Photo of our sampling method.
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N 44.707909 °
W -67.454238 °
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Upland - Forest
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UMM Outback Trail
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Fri, 2017-04-28 13:00
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Species and Habitat Survey
Eastern Coastal
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Walking trail
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Between 1/2 and 3/4
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I agree, those trees do not look like white pine. Did others in your group get the same results?

Yes, the rest of the group had the same results. We actually surveyed for a few different trees and found almost none of them.

That sounds like a cool protocol. What do you think you would find if you did multiple 15m transects? What do you think you would find on the forest edge versus the interior?

I'm glad it wasn't really raining hard! :)