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Securigera varia
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North Waterboro
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Field Notes
One day I look around my house for anything suspicious, and what turns up is very surprising to me. I find crown vetch growing right next to the side of my house. I never knew I had an invasive species right outside my bedroom window. I know this is crown vetch because it has pink flowers and it flowers in the summer. It also has leaves that are alternate and oval. The leaves go in rows and it looks lovely, but it is ugly to remove because of the roots it has.
Supporting Evidence
Photo of my evidence.
Crown vetch is known for its pretty pinkish purplish flowers, and this is my first piece of evidence why this is crown vetch. The flowers are like a crown and for my infestation they're pink with that touch of white. The flowers that I found were flowering in July.
Photo of my evidence.
For my second piece of evidence that this plant is crown vetch, I identify the leaflets. The leaf of the plant I found is alternate and oval, the leaves are dark green and are in rows. The leaves are very pretty which is why I can tell why crown vetch is here in Maine.
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I think I found it
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Securigera varia
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Just looking around
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Upland - Developed areas
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Crown vetch
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Sun, 2017-07-09 17:04
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North Waterboro
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Species Survey
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