How to get started

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1. Choose a Field Mission

    Or go to Mission: Analysis to skip the field and dig right into data!
    Grab a How-To Guide either way.

2. Go look for species

    Did you find it? Did you NOT find it? Support your claim with great photos and written evidence.

3. Publish your data (celebrate!)

    To get your data online and used by the community, go to your My Vital Signs page or Publish my data now! Have it peer reviewed or check it yourself before you publish.


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4. Comment and connect

    You'll be emailed when an expert checks your ID, and when someone leaves you a comment! Leave comments for others while you wait.

5. Do Mission: Analysis!

    There are lots of way fun ways to use the map and data table to figure out what your observation means in context of the larger database of Vital Signs observations.

6. Build and create stuff to share

    Show off your creative side, and turn your results into videos, blog posts, more! that share what you know with the VS community.

Mess up. Do things differently next time.