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Do Vital Signs with your students!

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Join the thousands of educators and students doing Vital Signs in classrooms, afterschool programs, learning centers, summer camps, and recreation programs.


Professional Development

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Institutes are a professional and fun venue for educators to grow their skills and knowledge, change or refine their practice, and connect with colleagues statewide. Educators learn by doing, experiencing, contributing, and playing in ways that translate directly into practice.


Curriculum & Standards

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Activities and units developed by us and educators statewide encourage students to collaborate, communicate, think critically and creatively, and build scientific habits of mind. Use, modify, share, and redistribute these resources in accord with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license!


Authentic Science Learning Environment

    Learning environment
    Inquiry learning

Students learn science by being scientists as they participate directly in a real environmental research effort alongside scientists, professionals, citizens, and a statewide network of their peers.