White Clover

34.8968 N and 42.0978 W in a forest like area with trees, next to a swamp on MMS school grounds. I am happy I found this plant because it's not invasive. I found it hard to find the scientific name for it. I am surprised to see that this plant stands alone, and no other White Clovers were near it. My sampling method was looking around for it.
I am looking for White Clover ( Trifolium repens). I found this plant near my study site.
The plant was four inches long, and the clover top was 1.6 centimeters wide. The stem was green and leafless, and hollow.
I know this is White Clover because of the distinctive purplish part of the flower petals. White Clover also doesn't have any connecting flowers, which helped me decide that this is White Clover.
There was no leaves on this plant. Making it a weed.
There was only one White Clover, and the trees covered most of the area, around 1/4 of the entire school grounds. I think this plant reproduces, because it's native. The area was a walking path.

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