Witch hazel

On the campus of our school i think i found witch hazel but i need some help finding out what itt is it but i don't know so if you can please check out this below.

On Tuesday October, 15 2013 we went outside and started looking for a new kind of plant on the massabesic campus.

Our mission was to find a plant that had not been found before on the campus.I think I found some witch hazel but it's a little short in size but all the other dimensions are correct. The plant has made a great impact on the area around it and most of the plants have died out. All the plants have now been killed so there's nothing left except for a few small trees. So far we have found that the plants are dieing out around it. Also the leaves are very course and rough. I think that this plant is a form of witch hazel, and I think that it is a tree that looks like witch hazel. The plant itself is about 1.5 feet tall and right now the leaves are about 6 inches long. This why I think this is witch hazel". So do you think this is witch hazel

Project Information
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Waterboro ME
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Upland - Forest
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I used my own teacher the forest trees of maine book and my own personal knowledge.
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I ask that they try and help out and tell me if this is witch hazel. And I would like to know more about the plant.



I think you might want to monitor this specimen over time. It's hard to tell from your photo what it is and it might also be too young for some of the defining characteristics. Did you check out this resource? https://gobotany.newenglandwild.org/species/hamamelis/virginiana/

I think that based on the leaf margin, this could be witch hazel but this photo isn't enough for me to tell. It's kinda blurry and doesn't so much of the plant.

Witch hazel is cool because it has these funky yellow flowers and blooms in the fall. Was this plant in bloom?


Next photo ready

No it wasn't we found it when it's was colder

I'm no witch hazel expert, but I did have to learn it in college field biology class. If you post some photos, I'm happy to take a look and tell you what I think.


The plant thta i am talking abot is witch hazel